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YourBlueprint can assist your office by providing benefits investigations at no cost. Together with your staff, we can connect eligible patients with financial assistance options depending on their insurance coverage situation:

Co-Pay Assistance Program

This program helps eligible, commercially insured patients reduce their out-of-pocket costs (co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible) to as little as $0. For more information, see the full Terms and Conditions.

Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

If your patient is uninsured or has limited coverage, they may be eligible to receive their medication at no cost through this program. Financial eligibility criteria applies. To apply for this program, complete the enrollment form and fax it to 1-866-370-3082.
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YourBlueprint offers the following no cost options to patients who need assistance accessing AYVAKIT™ (avapritinib).

Coverage delays

The QuickStart program offers a 15-day supply of treatment to newly prescribed patients who have an insurance coverage delay of 3 days or more.

Interruption in coverage

The Coverage Interruption program provides a temporary supply of treatment to patients already on therapy who face a temporary interruption in insurance coverage.

Change in dose

The Dose Exchange program allows patients who have their dose titrated to exchange remaining medication for the new dosage.

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